Google Calendar has been around for not even a year, but it’s gaining some big ground in the online calendar world. In fact, according to Hitwise, Google’s Calendar has surpassed the MSN Calendar, and now it’s headed with its’ sight set beyond Yahoo. Within the next several months, at the rate Google is going, I don’t think that they will have a problem surpassing Yahoo Calendar. Yes, I think 2007 is the year for the Google Calendar.

Check out these statistics analyzed and put together by Hitwise:

  • In 6 months from June 2006-December 2006, visits to Google Calendar increased by 333%
  • The week ending 12/30/06 – 88% of upstream traffic to MSN Calendar came directly from Hotmail.
  • During that same week, Yahoo Calendar received 48% of upstream traffic from Yahoo! Mail or other Yahoo Services
  • Google received 19% of upstream traffic from Gmail for the same week ending 12/30/06 (42% came from Google search)

The graph above gives a good visual of the rate the Google Calendar is going. So, what does this all mean? For Google, this is great news.  This means that they are not relying on traffic directly from their mail source to get Calendar users.  In fact, their third largest source of traffic was Yahoo! Mail with 2.7% of upstream visits, and their 6th largest source was Hotmail with 1.2% of upstream visits. People are checking their mail, whether it’s Yahoo or Hotmail, and then leaving to go check their Google Calendar!

I’ve used Google Calendar right from the start, and I don’t think I’d be able to switch to any other service. It’s easy to use, and with the sharing capabilities, it sucked me right in. I don’t believe Yahoo Calendar will be able to stand king of the hill much longer, with Google quickly approaching.

News Source: Hitwise