Google Calendar New Features It has been awhile since I have seen any changes to the Google Calendar but there are a few new features that got announced today. Now you can see things like the weather, moon phases, and even Google Doodles (those special logos Google puts on their homepage for certain days/events)!

In order to get any of those features you need to first configure them. For the Weather you will have to go to the Settings and select either the Fahrenheit or Celsius option. Make sure you enter in a location (located above Fahrenheit/Celsius option) otherwise nothing will be displayed.

To add the Moon Phases or the Google Doodles you need to:

Click the plus symbol (+) next to “Other Calendars” on the left side of your screen. Select the “Browse Calendars” tab and then look in the “Fun Calendars” area. When you find the calendar you want, just click the “Add Calendar” button.

The weather is definitely my favorite but I wish it would give you some more information when you hover over the icon with your mouse. I think it would be cool if a box, similar to the size of the Google Doodles, would popup and tell you other info such as the wind speed, humidity, chance of precipitation, etc… but this is still really convenient. Nice job Google!