Google Calendar Gets Some New Features

It looks like the Google Calendar is finally getting some new features since its release nearly two-months ago. I am actually surprised at how many new features they have added:

  1. Add events to your calendar by text messaging the event to GVENT (48368), the event can be described like “Brunch at Java Cafe next Saturday at 11:00am” and then that event will be added to your calendar.
  2. You can now get a Google Desktop widget for the the Google Calendar.
  3. Google Calendar works with GMail for your domain.
  4. They have made a button creator that will now allow you to select all of the necessary options and then it will give you the code for the reminder button.
  5. They have launched the Google Calendar API so that people can make applications or other Web programs that use Google Calendar.

I am very impressed with Google’s dedication to the Calendar project. I would really like to see a task list integrated into the Calendar so that I can keep track of everything important in one location. I am sure that they are working on it though.

News Source: Google Calendar What’s New Page