Google Calendar Sidebar One area that I always keep open in my browser is the sidebar. It’s where I scour through hundreds of bookmarks, but it’s also handy for viewing mobile websites. Mitch over at Firefox Facts brought his “A” game when he snagged some specialized Google Calendar code from his iGoogle gadget. Your browser’s sidebar is a great home for the stripped-down website.

Previously we recommended using the Google Calendar mobile site in your sidebar, but this solution is 10 times better. Once setup you’ll see a full monthly calendar at the top of the sidebar, and immediately below it you’ll see some of your upcoming appointments. If that’s not enough you will also be pleased to know that you can pick and choose which of your calendars are displayed, and even utilize the “Quick Add” feature to add a new event.

To get this thing loaded in the Firefox sidebar here’s what you have to do:

  1. Right-click on this link, and bookmark it: Google Calendar Sidebar
    Firefox Sidebar Instructions
  2. After you have saved the bookmark, go back to the Bookmarks Menu and right-click on the bookmark. Choose the Properties option.
    Firefox Sidebar Instructions
  3. Now check the box that says Load this bookmark in the sidebar:
    Firefox Sidebar Instructions
  4. The next time you open the Google Calendar Sidebar bookmark it will appear in the Firefox sidebar.