Google Calendar Might Get A Task List Soon?

It is possible that we can expect to see a task list implemented into Google Calendar, and hopefully it will be soon. This has been a highly requested feature of the Google Calendar that took everyone by storm when it was released. The number of people that use this Calendar have to be extremely high and we can expect to see some software utilizing it with the release of the API for the Calendar.

Garett Rogers was digging through the Google Calendar code when he saw some javascript calls that reference ‘completable events’. These references lead us to believe that Google is working on implementing tasks into the Calendar.

On a side note, he also found a performance screen (pictured above) that the Google employees must use to watch the performance of the Calendar. If you would like to see the performance screen simply open up your Google Calendar, and enter javascript:_ShowPerf(); into the address bar. It is nothing really fancy, just something that you can use to persuade your friends that you are secretly working for Google :D .

News Source: Googling Google