Google Calendar Officially Supports Safari

It has been a long time coming but the Google Calendar now supports Safari 2.0.3! Mac users can rejoice because Google decided to think of other browsers besides just Firefox and Internet Explorer. No new features besides for the Safari support appear to be added but I would say that is a pretty big feature.

Google threw quite a punch at when they released their online calendar application. Since the release of Google Calendar has released a number of very useful features. They added a to-do list for people to keep track of tasks, but they also added a feature to keep track of your friends MySpace, Flickr, etc… right from your calendar. This was a very smart move because of the rising popularity of social networks like MySpace.

Overall, I have to say that I am a Google Calendar user because of the simplicity that it has. Despite a to-do list being useful I wouldn’t use half of the features that has to offer.

News Source: Google Calendar Overview Page