Google Gears Calendar Offline

The eagle-eyed Google Blogoscoped forum noticed that Google Gears has started prompting some users to enable offline support. Tony Ruscoe looked through some of the JavaScript code on the page, and managed to scrounge up two different lines that provide definite clues that Google Gears support for Google Calendar is coming soon.

Typing javascript:_olp_showPromo(); into the address bar of your browser while viewing Google Calendar will display the popup pictured above. It implies that Google Gears will support 3 months of calendar data, which should be more than enough for anyone wanting offline access.

Typing javascript:void((function(){if (3!=0) {_GenSettings(3);}})()) into the address bar will show the settings page for Google Gears. And no, the changes you make here are not saved.

It’s apparent that Google Gears support is definitely on its way, but Google isn’t quite ready to launch it yet. Hopefully Gmail is just around the corner because it would complete the trifecta: calendar, email, and RSS reader!