google iphone2 Despite the fact that Google hasn’t made an official announcement that a special interface for iPhone users has launched, it has. TechCrunch initially reported yesterday that an anonymous tipster informed them that it had launched, and sure enough, it had. The image to the right shows you what this interface will look like on the iPhone. It has links to Gmail, the Google Calendar, Google Reader, and there’s also a “more” link that will direct you to more Google services. Those services include Docs, GOOG-411, SMS, News, Photos, Blogger, or Google Notebook.

For those who use Google services regularly, this will be great because everything is nicely integrated into one interface that suites the iPhone perfectly. According to a sample of people who have used it, everything actually loads pretty fast too. The nice navigation bar at the top means users will be able to quickly jump from Gmail to their Calendar, to the Reader, and back to Google’s homepage again without extra clicks. The navigation bar will always be at the top, no matter where you’ve navigated to on the site.

As I was browsing around the web today, I came across people who were pouting and saying “it’s not fair! Why does the iPhone get special attention from Google and get their own page?” I can see why people are a bit annoyed, but really, it’s not hard to understand why Google is doing this.  Given the popularity of the iPhone since it launched and its continued popularity, sites are going to want to cater to it.  On the other hand, I find it ironic that the iPhone was supposed to be better than any other phone for browsing the Internet and viewing web pages as they are, yet many sites like Google and Facebook feel that it’s necessary to create something special for it.

Source: jkOnTheRun