google adsense birthday.pngFive years ago around this time was a really important time for Google. It was when they officially announced their AdSense program that would allow people to monetize their sites. Little did we know back then that AdSense would be as popular and successful for Google as it has become.

In their official press release dated June 18, 2003, Google co-founder Sergey Brin took a moment to explain the benefits of AdSense. He said, “Google AdSense improves the overall web user experience by bringing relevant, unobtrusive, text ads to web pages rather than disruptive, unrelated ads such as pop-ups and animations. By providing website publishers with an effective way to monetize content pages on their sites, Google AdSense strengthens the long-term business viability of content creation on the web.”

Since that time we’ve seen thousands of sites that use Google AdSense to monetize their content. Here at CyberNet, we wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for Google AdSense because they provide us with the largest chunk of income out of the various advertising solutions we use. While there are other solutions out there, we found that Google gives us the best results, so they must be doing something right!

Congratulations to Google AdSense on five successful years in business. It has opened the doors for many people and companies, and it looks as though there’s only more success in the future…

Source: Search Engine Roundtable