Google Checkout Google is planning on creating their own shopping fiasco except they aren’t targeting this Friday (known as Black Friday). Instead, they are going to offer $10 off of a $30 purchase or $20 off of more than $50 on Monday of next week (called Cyber Monday) for those people who use the Google Checkout service.

Best of all is that BetaNews says that the coupons are reusable. Even though the discount will only be available at select merchants I’m hoping that it will work at some of their more popular ones like and Starbucks. That way I can get some of my holiday shopping done at a discounted price. The list of merchants where the discount works will be posted on the Google Checkout page this Monday.

I have yet to actually use the Google Checkout service but they do already offer $10 off of $30 just for signing up and creating an account. The list of stores that accept that coupon is very long and I would expect the “Cyber Monday” discount to have a similar list. So if you have a $50 item that you have been waiting to get this might be one of the few times that you would be able to save 40% ($20) on it.