chrome password.png

I really love the Google Chrome browser, but it seems as though the development team has been overlooking a huge security issue that I thought would be resolved by now. If you save passwords in the browser (like a lot of other users do) you may find out the hard way that the passwords are not stored in a manor that would keep other people from quickly accessing the data. Someone could easily crack open Chrome, navigate over to the options, and click a button to reveal all of the passwords you’ve saved.

To make matters worse there are third party tools that can strip out all the login credentials from the browser. ChromePass is one of those tools that’s available for free, and it can serve as a good indication that if someone managed to get on your system (virtually or physically) it would take just a few seconds for them to nab this data. And they wouldn’t even have to open the browser.

A few years ago we took a look at just how secure your passwords were when stored in the browser, and it was extremely easy to get this private information if you don’t have a master password enabled. I thought for sure that Google would have added this feature to the browser by now, but they haven’t. Hopefully users will continue to voice their concern so that our login information will be protected.