GoogledesktopGoogle has stepped up their game with Google Desktop Search.  They’ve made several improvements to it, and just released Google Desktop 5 beta. People use Google Desktop Search as an easy, convenient way to search email, web pages that you’ve viewed, music, photos, and other things. 

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the side-bar has a new look and feel.  It samples the color of the wallpaper that you’re using, and then blends the side-bar with it so that it’s a smooth transition from the desktop, to the side-bar.

They’ve also taken some time to redesign the gadgets, as well as the “Add gadgets interface.” You can select the gadgets that will display like a clock, calendar, weather, photos, a todo list, and many others. The new interface for selecting your gadgets is divided into categories like news, sports, and technology, so that they’re easy to find.


Another important improvement is that the results will provide a small snippet so that you can determine if it’s what you were looking for, or if it would be useful. You can also preview the results right from the browser which will save you time.

Finally, they’ve beefed up their security, and now you’ll receive a message anytime you visit a site that could potentially be dangerous. Google’s got your back!

While Google Desktop offers a lot, it doesn’t compare to what Vista is already doing for me.  There’s no way Google would be able to come up with an application to do the search as extensive as Vista can which means that Vista users probably won’t have a reason to download Google Desktop Search.

That aside, Google’s done a good job improving their Desktop Search to make it more useful, and easier to use.

Source: Google Desktop Blog