Google Discusses Details On Free Wi-Fi Service

Google Wi-Fi service has been quiet lately but more details are starting to emerge as they near a public release:

  • The service will be available to Moutain View, California residents.
  • Google will not place ads on the free wireless Internet service.
  • Users will have to create an account but Google does not ask for personal information like your name or address. The account will be used to deny access to the service if your account is flagged as abusive.
  • 1 Mbps transfer speed.
  • The wireless signal will not be able to penetrate buildings. Users who want wireless inside their home or business will have to purchase a Wi-Fi modem for about $100.

I guess if people want the service inside their homes for free then they can afford to get the $100 modem that is needed. It seems like it is taking Google forever to deploy this but I guess this isn’t their normal code and publish. I wonder how far away a release is planned for this service?

News Source: CNet