google browser sync.jpgWith every new release of Firefox there’s always going to be a few extensions that just don’t make the cut. Developers let the extensions fade into the dust as users keep their fingers crossed that someone else will pickup the project. Google Browser Sync is exactly one of those extensions, and it looks like there is very little chance of a resuscitation. That means you’ll no longer be able to sync your bookmarks, history, cookies, passwords, and tabs between browsers!

According to Lifehacker Google has no intention of making the extension compatible with Firefox 3 which is due out on Tuesday. Here’s part of the response that one of their readers received from the Google Team when inquiring about the future of the project:

Thanks for trying out Google Browser Sync and for all of your feedback. It was a tough call, but we decided to phase out support for Browser Sync. Since the team has moved on to other projects that are keeping them busy, we don’t have time to update the extension to work with Firefox 3 or to continue to maintain it.

The response then goes on to talk about how Firefox 2 users who are still running the extension will only receive support throughout 2008. Looks like there’s really no point in someone trying to get it to work in Firefox 3 then if Google won’t be providing the hosting that’s needed to store the information.

My question is how many of you still use Google Browser Sync? I thought it was pretty cool when it first came out, but it didn’t last long on my computer. I just wasn’t comfortable with Google having that much of my information, and right now all I use is Foxmarks merely as a way to keep my bookmarks backed up.