Previously if you wanted to insert a Table of Contents into your Google Docs document, or look-up the definition of a word, you had to use some JavaScript to make it happen because Google hadn’t officially launched the features. Now they have and they are easily available to users.

If you’d like to insert a Table of contents into your document, simply click on the “Insert” menu.

table of contents.png

Once you click on “Table of contents,” a box will appear with your configuration options like numbering style.

If you’d like to use the dictionary feature, look under the “Tools” menu and then look for “Look up word.” From there you can look up the definition of a word, find synonyms for it, or look it up in the encyclopedia.

look up word.png

For those of you who use Google Docs regularly, you’ll find these features pretty helpful. As Google continues to add features to Google Docs, Microsoft Office users will have fewer reasons to continue to pay for their office suite.