One of the features that Google Docs has been “missing” to make it a complete online office suite is templates. I’ve used templates in Microsoft Office on multiple occasions whether it be for a resume, a brochure, or a newsletter, and for some, they are a necessity. Google Docs hasn’t offered anything like that until now. They just made a lot of people happy by launching a Google Docs Template Gallery already filled with about 300 templates.

The Official Google Blog posted about this new addition to Google Docs, and they said that they realized that people use documents for all aspects of their lives which is why they decided they needed to put something together. They said, “You need resumes and cover letters to look for jobs and fax cover letters and invoices to run your businesses. And of course you want to use documents in fun ways with family and friends, such as unique designs and layouts for invitation cards and calendars.

Google Docs Templates.png

If you take a look around the Templates Gallery, you’ll see that they included templates for all kinds of different things. They are broken down into categories like albums and flipbooks, cards and certificates, resumes and cover letters, students and teachers, and more. Users can rate the templates, and then you can sort them by highest rating, most users, or “hottest.” They were also kind enough to break them down into template type up at the top so that you can easily sift between templates for documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

We took a look through some of the offerings and it looks as though most of the templates have been made by Google with only a handful made by outside sources, which is pretty impressive. It also looks as though they may be doing some filtering of the templates. When this article was started, there were about 310 templates available and at this point there are 295.

Overall we are impressed. This will definitely help Google grow Google Docs because more people may be willing to try it if they can get done with it what they need to, like create a resume or business cards. A good set of templates is something we feel still lacks (they’ve got them, but nothing impressive), so kudos to Google.