google docs mobile Many Google Docs users have been saying for quite a while that it would be so useful to have Docs and Spreadsheets in a mobile version. Google finally took the plunge, and a mobile version is now available at  They managed to fit all of the important info on the page as the screenshot to the right shows.  As Google Blogosocped points out, there were hints that a mobile version would be coming soon about two months ago, so at that point, we knew it was only a matter of time before it actually launched.

You’ll notice at the very top of the mobile version is a search box so that you can easily search for your documents. You’ll also notice that a list of your recent documents is displayed.  Clicking on each of your recent documents will allow you to view them, assuming that they are either a spreadsheet document or a word processing document.  According to Google’s “Mobile Help Center,” (which consists of three sentences) at this point, Presentations are only supported on the iPhone even though both the iPhone and the Blackberry are considered “supported devices.” Google also says that viewing documents and spreadsheets on other phones should work assuming that they offer rich-browser support.  They say, “While we haven’t tested it across all mobile devices, a good rule of thumb is that the more advanced your phone’s browsing capabilities, the more seamlessly Google Docs will work.

Slowly but surely, Google is able to check-off on their task list all of the services and features that users have been requesting. Oh, and speaking of task lists, according to Garett Rogers over at ZDNet, Google Calendar is close to launching a task list feature!This is the one single features that people have been requesting ever since Google Calendar first launched. It’s about time, isn’t it?