The new fad these days is collaboration via video conferencing, instant messengers, or just by sharing files over the Internet. Google Docs has been known to embrace that by offering a collaboration feature on both their document or spreadsheet service, where sharing the information is as simple as entering in the user’s email address.

When sharing a document with people, you can choose whether they are a collaborator who can make changes to the document, or they can be just a viewer that can not edit anything. Up until now the people being invited would need to have a Google account just to view the document, but Google is doing away with that.

Google Docs Invitation

Now when sharing a document you’ll see a new option allowing invitations to be used by anyone (pictured above). A URL is then sent to the individual that you’re inviting via an email, and even if they don’t have a Google account they will still be able to view the document that you’re sharing:

Google Docs Invitation

As you can see you’ll still need to login if you want to edit the document, which might be wise for security purposes. Otherwise anyone could share the necessary URL with someone else who could make changes that you’re not aware of. Well, it might not be that bad since you could just go back to a previous revision since Google keeps track of them all.

I’m finally starting to see myself warming up to the Google Docs service, although I would like to see synchronization capabilities between Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Source: Webware