Google decided that today would be a good day to spruce up Google Docs a bit by removing some of the blue that previously laid behind the buttons on the toolbar. When I first saw the new design (pictured below) I thought it looked pretty slick, but then I almost started to see some resemblance from Zoho’s recent makeover:

google docs redesign
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Another thing that I noticed is that Google made accessing the font size and style a little more like what we’re used to in the office suites. A lot of the buttons have taken on the same icons found in Microsoft Word which is great to attract new users, but Google also had to remove some buttons to compensate for the newly added ones:

  • Quote, cut, copy, and paste buttons have been removed.
  • Save, print, and spell check buttons have been added.
  • The font size and style buttons have been made larger so that you can clearly see what the current selection is.

Personally I love the new change, and it goes along better with their Presentation service. I noticed that they still have to revamp Google Spreadsheets which pretty much stands out like a sore thumb compared to the other two, but once that’s done their suite of online applications will look really nice.

Now we’re left waiting to see when Google will release the offline access for documents that we know they’re working on.

[via Google Blogoscoped]