google docs menu

A few weeks ago we posted an article about some of the tools Google uses internally. In the presentation that Google gave there was (inadvertently?) a screenshot of a Google Docs that was not available to the public. In it we saw a more complete menu structure located above the recently revamped toolbar. Well, they just added those menus to everyone’s Google Docs.

Is a menu really that big of a deal? Many of the things that have been placed in them are also available on the toolbar, but some people find that it is easier to locate commands by shuffling through menus. The main reason why I like the menus is that they serve as a quick reminder of the keyboard shortcuts associated with any of the features.

The thing that I find really disappointing is that Google seems to be forgetting about their Spreadsheet counterpart. When Google Docs got the redesigned toolbar earlier this month Google Spreadsheet stayed the same, and now it also lacks the menu structure that can be found in Google Docs. Hopefully this isn’t another instance of where Google is becoming careless with adding consistency across their other products.

So what’s next? I’m not sure what else Google may have in store for us, but if the screenshot from their earlier presentation is anything to go by I think we might be seeing a different layout when editing our documents. Notice that the page is centered on the screen instead of having a full-width editing window:

google docs centered

We’ll keep you posted with any other new features they decide to add.

Google Docs Homepage [via Google OS]