Google Docs Bar Google Docs has come a long way in becoming a powerful online alternative to the desktop office suites, and now there’s a Firefox extension that makes it way better. The Google Docs Companion for Firefox adds a new sidebar in Firefox for quickly managing and searching your online documents. The simple, yet powerful interface is sure to win over your heart.

Once installed you’ll be able to search through all of your documents, filter them by type, and sort them in a variety of different ways. It’s almost like having the files right there on your own computer!

The best feature, however, has to be the drag-and-drop uploader that is located at the bottom of the sidebar. With it you can drag files from your desktop, drop them into that special location, and they will automatically be uploaded to your Google Docs account. No more trampling through folder after folder trying to navigate to a specific file to have it uploaded!

Worried about privacy? Your credentials are sent over a secure connection, and the username/password is stored within your Firefox password manager. Looks like you don’t have to compromise your security and privacy to get a cool new feature for Google Docs.

Google Docs Companion [via Google OS]