Today Google announced a whole list of new features for Google Apps which is used by both small and large businesses alike.  Out of the list, one of them stood out more than the others. The very last item listed under the changes was “Google Docs & Spreadsheets refresh – Soon we’ll complete a visual overhaul of Docs & Spreadsheets that will make it much easier for users with dozens or even hundreds of documents to search, locate, and organize their documents.”

They say that it’s coming soon and that it will be a complete overhaul. My thought is that they’ll also be incorporating their presentation app with it, (especially with the recent acquisition of Zenter) and then re-launch the entire package with a new name and a completely new look.

Now, my question for you if you have used Google Docs and Spreadsheets is, what would make it visually better? I can’t give a great answer to this question myself because I really haven’t gotten into using it. I keep telling myself I need to give it more of a try, but other than playing around with it every now and then, I haven’t put serious effort into it. So, what are your ideas for visual changes that would make it better?

Besides for the changes coming soon with Google Docs and Spreadsheets, they also listed these changes for Google Apps (some of which we’ve already heard about):

  • Shared address book
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets charts
  • Increased Gmail attachment size
  • Multi-user chats (launched on Friday)

Out of that list, the shared address book is probably the most impressive because it creates a list of contacts containing those who are in your domain (remember, this is used for businesses). From the looks of it, it is super easy to select multiple contacts, or all of them. Garrett Rogers over at ZDNet posted a screenshot of what this looks like:


Thus far, they’ve been able to add the shared address book feature to Google Apps, and they added a pretty nifty contact selector to Google Video back in March, I wonder when they’re going to provide an update for selecting contacts in Gmail?