Google Docs & Spreadsheet Gadget Google just released an easy way to access your recent documents that you have created using their Docs & Spreadsheets service. It can now be done using your Google Personalized Homepage and this great gadget.

The new gadget isn’t anything too remarkable because it is just a listing of your recent documents. There is nothing that you can configure which is a little disappointing because I would have liked to see a quick import/export option or even an “email this” feature. The whole point of the Google Personalized Homepage is to bring your information to a single page for convenient use, but I think Google could have gone a little further with this.

In fact, now that I think about it Google could extend some of their other gadgets as well. Another one that comes to mind is the Gmail because I constantly receive mail in my Inbox that I don’t care about…but why isn’t there a delete or archive option for the gadget? There either needs to be a full-featured central location for all of Google’s services or they need to work on making these modules more powerful. I would prefer the first option though.

News Source: Google Blogoscoped