For those of you who tend to save documents as PDF’s frequently, you may be interested to know that it looks as though Google is planning to add a PDF service to their collection of online office applications. Currently they offer Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, so a PDF service would fit in nicely.

So far Google has yet to make any official announcement or confirm the suspicions, however there are a couple of clues that tell us it’s coming. First, as Google Operating System points out, a PDF icon can be seen if you go to this link. Additionally, if you go to, you’ll get a message saying there are No PDFs as shown in the image below. This has to mean they are preparing for them.

google docs pdf.png

Wouldn’t it be great if you could edit your PDF’s right from Google Docs and store them there as well? It would also be nice if they would allow users to upload documents to be converted into PDF’s. They already have the technology to do it since they allow you to save a Google Docs document as a PDF already. If they allowed something like this to their users, they’d be ahead of Adobe with their Adobe allows you to upload documents to be converted into PDF’s but they limit you to only five which is disappointing.

If Google adds PDF support, there will be a lot of happy campers out there!

Source: Google Operating System