Google will now let you put Google Gadgets all over your website. I decided to give it a try and it is actually pretty cool. I just went to the Google Gadget site, selected the gadget I wanted, customized the border, and had it generate the code. I pasted the code right into this post and it amazingly worked without any troubles.

The gadget above is for the Google Calculator which lets you easily do conversions or some simple math. If you’re not sure how to use it then maybe you should checkout this post that I wrote on the Google Calculator.

The whole gadget thing is really cool for one reason in my opinion. That reason being how easy it is for people to add powerful AJAX functionality to any site without the need for digging through messy code. I don’t think it can get much easier than “copy…paste”.

What would be really cool is if Netvibes let you insert the JavaScript code so that I could get a few of the Google Gadgets that I miss. *Hey Netvibes…Hint Hint* :)

News Source: Google Press Release