Google is always thinking of you, aren’t they? Okay, maybe not always, but today they are thinking of those of you who tend to uh, have a few too many drinks on the weekend, to put it nicely. When you are in a state of inebriation, you may do things that you regret like send random text messages or email.

Google can’t exactly help you out with your issue of drunken text messaging, but they can help you out with drunken emails. A new feature being tested is called “Google Goggles” and it will prevent you from sending emails that probably shouldn’t be sent when you are in a compromised state of mind.

google goggles.png

These Goggles require you to solve a few basic math problems. If you can solve them, you’re free to send mail. If you can’t, you won’t be able to send any messages. Once you enable the feature (click Settings, then Labs, then scroll until you see “Mail Goggles”)you can adjust the schedule so that it asks you questions only when you suspect you will be drinking too much.

Options in the settings include choosing the days of the week you would like Google to “step-in” as well as specific times. By default it will prompt you to answer questions on Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 10 PM to 4 AM. You can also select a difficulty rating. By default it is set to the easiest (1), but it can go up to 5 which would give you the hardest questions to answer.

google goggles-1.png

Hey, at least Google doesn’t make you recite Google Goggles 10 times to prove that you really want to send an email!