Google Homepage Gets A Few Changes

You might be noticing a change in the link on the Google Homepage. A few people started to notice this a few weeks ago and it looks like they must have received some positive feedback which pushed it to get implemented. I am actually surprised to see one of their new interfaces actually get released. The only real change is in the links bar above the search box. It now has a Videos link and they moved the Froogle link into the “more” section. As you can see in the image the “more” section presents a box that has a few links in it and then has an “even more” link which will take them to a page with all of their services. Out of curiosity would you use the Videos link or the Froogle link more? I personally use the Froogle link the most and I am disappointed to see it replaced by the Videos. I know I know, it is only one additional click but if I use that 10 times a day then that is over 3,600 additional clicks a year! Maybe that is a little exaggerated but I wish they would give me the option to choose which links I want up there. Where is the customization that we have all come to know and love from Google?