Google Honors The Request To Remove Miro Logo

To honor the anniversary of Joan Miro, a Spanish surrealist, Google had altered their logo to what you see in the image on the side. Joan Miro was born in 1893 and passed away in 1983. Joan Miro’s family had contacted Google and requested that the logo be removed because of underlying copyrights that were violated. Google complied with the request and promptly removed the logo from their page.

Google stated that they did not believe that they violated any copyright laws but they decided to follow the family’s wishes anyways. In my opinion the family is crazy because there are millions of people (like me) who have never heard of Joan Miro and could have actually learned something by simply clicking on their logo. It is an honor to be selected for a customized Google Logo and is not something that people should complain about in my opinion.

News Source: Mercury News