Google Images
Google images is back to the old style pictured above

One month ago Google released an update to the Images search that didn’t seem to be anything too major to me. All they did was hide the details for images until you hovered over them with your mouse. The resulting search screen therefore looked cleaner but users had to take an extra step if they wanted to see the details of an image, such as the resolution or filesize.

Not surprisingly Greasemonkey scripts started to popup to put the Images search back to how it was, but apparently Google did not receive positive feedback regarding the change. The old style has now replaced the new style that was in place for just a month.

I am very happy that Google put it back to the old way because it did frustrate me a little bit not being able to quickly see the domain name and image resolution when flipping through the search pages. If you think about it the few lines of text below each picture does not actually take up that much room compared to not having it, but I guess the page does look a little cleaner without out it.

SearchMash ImagesGoogle’s test site called SearchMash also has an image search that I actually like even better, well, if it worked properly. By default it shows you the thumbnails along with what is supposed to be details. I would expect that enabling the details should show things such as the domain, image size, etc… but it doesn’t. Clicking the “hide details” link in the upper-right corner just makes the thumbnail images smaller so that you can see more on the page without having to scroll.

I think Google Images should actually have a feature similar to what SearchMash offers where in a click of a button you can get a view of the images that can all fit on the page without having to scroll. Actually, right now I have SearchMash set as my homepage simply because I think I can find the information I’m looking for much quicker. I really like that it shows Wikipedia, images, videos, and blog results in the sidebar so that I can get even more info without navigating away from the page that I’m currently on.

Hopefully Google will start bringing some of the features over from SearchMash since they already have started to implement some AJAX into the Google search results page. They’ll probably keep sneaking in features here and there trying not to disturb Googlers too much.

What’s a feature from SearchMash that you would like to see on Google?

News and Image Source: Google Blogoscoped