Google Inching Closer To Releasing Writely?

Garett Rogers from Googling Google is at it again and noticed some changes to the Writely service. Writely recently blocked users from making changes to their documents and provides them as read-only versions.

Garett guesses that they are moving everyone’s data from the Writely servers to Google’s servers. The documents are read-only because they don’t mind people viewing the documents but Google wants to make sure that they get the servers in sync. He also noticed that Google activated just like they did for shortly before Google’s Spreadsheet service was released.

Later this week I might be sending out some more Writely invitations like I have done in the past. Don’t bother posting here asking for an invite because I will not respond to the requests. As long as the Writely services go back to normal then you can expect to see the invitation post. Make sure you check back!