DesktopsearchmacJust today, Google has released Google Desktop for Mac in beta. It will index applications, PDF’s, files supported by Spotlight’s plug-ins, and the history to your web browser which then makes it possible to search.

The quick search box will give users a fast way to launch applications which could potentially clear up clutter on your desktop and in your dock.  It will require Mac OS 10.4+.

Gizmodo’s first reactions are that it’s solid, but feels slower than Spotlight which essentially does the same thing – helps you find anything on your computer including files, email, images, etc. While I don’t use a Mac, a few people that I know that use Macs say that Spotlight is already a good indexing solution, so Google Desktop really won’t offer much more.

While you’re installing Google Desktop for Mac, bundled with it is a new Google updater which will be an easy way for you to keep up with all of the latest Mac OS X software that Google has to offer.

Gizmodo gave a great run through explaining the setup process, and a few tips of what you can do with it once it is installed. I’m sure as more people use it, there will be a general consensus of what’s great about it and what needs improvement.  If you’re a Mac user, give it a try and let us know what you think. You can find the download here.