Google has always offered the option to purchase additional storage for your Picasa account, however, now that purchased storage is for more than just your Picasa account.  Google has started a new shared storage program in which your paid storage can be used across other Google services.  For now, the only two options are Gmail and Picasa, but I’m sure Google intends to add additional services to the list like Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

I don’t have any purchased storage through Google, so the screenshot below is from Google Blogoscoped.  It shows what your storage screen will look like if you have the additional storage to share across other Google services:

Google shared storage

The announcement on the Official Google Blog when talking about the new shared storage says, “That will help make storage really useful, like letting you upload lots of full resolution images to Picasa Web Albums.” If you were to reach the limit for either your Gmail or Picasa Web Albums account, the paid storage is then your “overflow solution” and will be used on a first come first serve basis.

In the future, it would be nice if you could share even the basic free storage, but I don’t see that as something Google would implement. If you’re interested in purchasing additional storage, you can find the details here. It starts at 6GB for $20/year, and goes up to 250 GB for $500/year. You can also see how much storage you’re currently using here.


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  1. Personally, if you need more than the 3gb they give you, you need to do a nice roundup of emails that need to be deleted.
    Or get an external harddrive or something if you store your files in Gmail…

    As for Google Docs- There’s no storage cap as far as I know, so it would be useless for them to sell space… :?

  2. There is actually a storage limitation in Google Docs: 5000 documents and 1000 spreadsheets. There are a lot of fine details that go along with those, all of which can be found here:

  3. The extra storage will probably be most beneficial for those using Picasa to store their photos. Google’s limit for Google Docs and Spreadsheets is 1000 documents, and 1000 images which sounds like a lot, but if people were to regularly use it as their word processor, that could get used up. This is where it would be nice if they switched it to a specific storage amount based upon file size instead of the number of documents.

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