Google Tabs Module

There has been a Google Personalized Homepage Module for quite some time now that would replicate the feeling of tabs. That’s what you see pictured above but I always seemed to run into problems while using it.

With Google releasing the minimizing feature yesterday I was surprised to see another new feature in the works. Garett Rogers is talking about some code that was found that obviously indicates that they are working on a tab implementation. It would be cool if we knew how they would look but nothing has emerged yet. I think it will end up being similar to the module above.

I hope they step up the competition a little with Netvibes because they sure know what they are doing over there. I think I would switch in a heart beat if they made it possible to accept Google Modules as well. There are just a few that I can’t stand being without because I use it all the time, like my Google Calendar module. Tabs will be a nice addition but if you play with Netvibes for a minute I’m sure you’ll notice some other things Google should add, too.