Google Keeps Going Mobile

First, Google allowed mobile users to pull up local phone directories and maps on a portable device, and now they are taking it even further. The Blackberry will soon get Google Messaging capabilities which is really important because soon Google Talk users will be able to talk to AIM members.

They are also providing mobile users to view their own personalized home page. This way you can view your GMail, weather, and RSS feeds all on the same page compliments of Google.

Lastly, the service that has been released for quite some time but not many people know about it … Google SMS. This service is similar to dialing 411, where you can get phone numbers and addresses. Google will give you this information plus directions. Of course to maximize the usefulness of the service you should also use it for movie showtimes, weather, stock quotes, product prices, and definitions. All you get charged is whatever it costs to send a text message to 46645 (GOOGL on most phones). Click here to view more useful tricks to using Google SMS.

News Source: Yahoo!