Google Analytics is known as one of the best free solutions for analyzing nearly every website statistic possible.  Today Google announced that they’ve launched their new version, and as always, it’s being rolled out slowly over the next few weeks, so not everybody will have it right away.

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged in to find the new changes.  In general, the overall look is a huge improvement, but there are other fine details that have been improved besides the look.  Those who sign up for the service today will immediately have access to the new version.

Previously, it was a bit difficult to navigate because there was so much information available, but now it’s more user-friendly.

New features include:

  • e-mail reporting
  • customizable dashboards
  • improved map displays
  • plain language descriptions

The customizable dashboard feature is really helpful because you can put all of the information that you view the most on it so that it’s easy to access. The email reporting is also really helpful because you can send it immediately, or you can schedule when you want the report to be sent. For example, you can get a weekly report sent on each Monday, a monthly report, or a quarterly report.

For those of you who don’t like the new version, they’ve given the option to go back to the old version. To do this, log-in and under “website profiles,” click the link for “previous interface.” To help people transition to the new look, they’ve got several great help resources. One of them is “report finder.” When you click this option in the left sidebar, you’ll use the old navigation to find the report that you want, and then it will tell you how to get that report in the new version.

Thus far, we haven’t been able to find the option for viewing the hourly report graph that was always displayed on the dashboard. If anybody has come across this option, let us know. So far, it’s the only thing I haven’t liked about the new version because it’s one of the graphs I use the most.

Below you’ll find screenshots of the new look. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.

Googleanaltyics1     Googleanaltyics2     Googleanaltyics3     Googleanaltyics4

As I was taking the screenshots, I noticed that sometimes the statistics would show zero visitors for a day. Right now it seems like the service is going up and down, probably as they add more people. To see if you’ve gotten the new version, log into your account. You should either see a message welcoming you to the new version, or a messages saying that you should be getting it soon. At first I didn’t think that we had been rolled over to the new version, but that’s because my bookmark points directly to a report. After I went to the analytics homepage, I realized that we had been switched to the new version.

Overall it’s a huge improvement because it looks better, and it’s easier to navigate. For those just starting with Analytics, it’ll be much easier to understand and make the most out of.