Google Lets Users Customize Mobile Homepage

I would say that Google is really showing their creativity by allowing users to customize their Google Personalized Homepage for their mobile device. Once you are on the page you can add modules that you currently have on your main Personalized Homepage. Unfortunately there are some modules, actually quite a few, that are not compatible but a majority of mine worked. I was able to add Gmail, weather, Google Reader, Google Bookmarks, and multiple different feeds. To my surprise the Google Calendar module isn’t compatible with the Mobile Homepage which is one a lot of people would probably like to have. Once you have added all the modules to the mock cellphone that they have displayed you can start dragging them around to reorder them. Below the mock cellphone there is a funny “disclaimer”:
Note: Google does not actually make your phone stretch beyond its physical proportions, but can make your phone much more powerful.

The Google Mobile Homepage is not actually a new idea and has been around for a little while. The key new feature is the ability to customize your mobile page to be different than the page on your PC. Mobile users will probably love to have this feature. News Source: Google Blogoscoped