Google Lets Users Customize Their Printed Maps

I am not sure how new this is because it has been awhile since I have printed a map from Google. When I got my directions on Google from Chicago, IL to Des Moines, IA and selected “Print” (located above the map) I noticed some sweet features. There were three mini-maps located on the right-side of the screen which I could zoom in and out of at my leisure. There was one map for the overview of the trip, one for the start, and one for the finish.

What happened to the turn-by-turn directions I asked myself? Then I noticed that each step was clickable and if you clicked on a step it would add a mini-map to the others. Just like the three default maps I could zoom in and out or even remove it using an X in the corner.

The last thing I noticed that I don’t remember seeing previously is the notes section in the upper-right corner of the screen. It is simply a text box but appears to be new. Let me know if anyone has any insight as to how new these features really are.