Google Links Bar Adds Picasa And Spreadsheet

Okay, some people may not have realized this yet but there is a links bar located in the upper-left corner of a select few Google applications. It is almost like a mini-bookmarks bar that gives you one-click access to some of the most used Google applications like GMail and the Google Calendar. It is nice with the newly added links to Picasa Web Albums and Google Spreadsheets but it is still not customizable. This links bar could be extremely useful to me if they would just let me add some of my own links to it…maybe even ones that link outside of Google *gasp*. Most of all I would like to change the links from opening in a new window/tab to opening in the current tab. I’ll normally go check my GMail, then head over to look at my Google Calendar, and then continue my searching at the Google homepage but I don’t want a new window to pop-up each time I click those links. I just don’t understand why they don’t let people customize the links bar. I would think that it would be as simple as adding a few check boxes next to the listing of your Google services. Now that I think about how simple it should be I’m surprised I haven’t seen a GreaseMonkey script that will let you customize the links bar. News Source: Google Operating System