omnisio.pngIt looks as though Google is looking to enhance YouTube with their latest purchase of Omnisio. Omnisio has allowed users to create compilations and presentations with YouTube videos, among other things. One of their goals has been to make videos on the web interactive and social because they believe video online should be more than someone trying to re-create the experience of TV. Because of their focus on YouTube videos, this seems like a good purchase for YouTube to make.

On the Omnisio website they announced that they had been acquired by Google and that they’d be joining the YouTube team. They said, “Together we’ll apply what we’ve learn about the space, and we’ll work to develop innovative products and features for the YouTube community. We believe we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what’s possible with online video.”

Based upon what Omnisio does, we can now get a good idea of what kinds of features YouTube will be implementing in the future:

  • Select certain clips from videos to post and embed on sites
  • Add comments directly to videos
  • Assemble clips from YouTube videos to make a new video
  • Option to play a video and a PowerPoint presentation side-by-side
  • Option to tag people that appear in the videos and key highlights

Watching videos online has become one of the things that many people do pretty regularly, so we’re guessing that we’ll see Google continue to acquire other services like Omnisio, that will enhance YouTube.