Google on mobileApparently Google is realizing the significance of the Mobile Industry and the potential revenue that it could bring them. The news today is that they’re planning a search service for mobile content. Content would include ringtones, games, and other miscellaneous options.

They’ve already gotten themselves involved in a handful of different mobile services like Google Calendar Mobile, Picasa Web Albums Mobile, Google Maps, and Gmail mobile, but a search service for mobile content would be a whole new ball-game for them.

This new search service could ultimately be an additional revenue source for Google.  The Wall Street Journal gave an example of how it would work: A user could search for a U2 ringtone and then get a list of providers and links so that the ringtone could be purchased. Google would make money by charging companies for a better placement on the list. Essentially, it’s sponsored links like what you’d see on their homepage.

What hasn’t been mentioned is how payment would be handled. If users were to use Google Checkout to instantly pay for the ringtone, cellphone companies would certainly lose revenue. Google could try to make the carriers happy by allowing them to bill the customers for the mobile content they purchased on their monthly statement. This way it would be a win-win situation for both Google and the carriers.

The Mobile Market is definitely a smart place to be right now, so there’s no wonder why Google is immersing themselves as much as possible in it.

Source: Google Blogoscoped