Not long ago, stood at #2 on’s list of most visited websites around the World. They’ve had their #2 spot taken away though and now the list looks like this:

  1. Yahoo
  2. YouTube
  3. Windows Live
  4. Google
  5. MSN

google vs youtube

It’s true, Google lost their spot on the list to their very own YouTube which they acquired back in October of 2006. An interesting article over at Yahoo News speculates that online video sites offer more than just entertainment. Kevin Riley, a web traffic expert and Internet marketer looked into the value that online video sites offer. This is what he had to say:

“As someone who had previously focused on online marketing through traditional search using PPC and SEO, I initially assumed that video sharing sites were going to be a fad with little marketing potential,” explains Riley. “But when I noticed niche content videos posted to these sites were getting a massive number of views and also showing up high in the search engine results pages for relevant keywords, I knew the potential for marketing with videos was about to explode.”

So what does all of this mean? Well, it seems as though people will be looking towards online videos as a new marketing method, and looking for ways to use videos to promote products, web sites, and services.