iPhone Google CyberNet It’s no mistake, iPhone users actually use the Internet on their phone and they’re using Google to perform searches. Google originally thought they made a mistake with their data when they saw how often they were getting search requests from iPhone users. As it turns out, it was no mistake and Google really is receiving 50 times more search requests from iPhones than any other mobile handset. Vic Gundotra who is the head of Google’s mobile operations was quoted as saying, “We thought it was a mistake and made our engineers check the logs again.”

So what is it about the iPhone that users actually make use of the Internet versus other mobile handsets? One of the biggest reasons has got to be the ease of use of the iPhone. It’s effortless to search the web – Safari on the iPhone is convenient to use versus browsers on other mobile devices that aren’t quite as convenient.  Another big thing is simply the fact that Google is the primary search engine that is available to iPhone users. If the primary search was changed to Yahoo, I imagine Google would see a pretty decent decrease in the number of search requests coming from iPhone users.

So what does this increase in searches from iPhone users mean for Google? Duh. More money! And once Android-based mobile handsets hit the shelves sometime later this year, I imagine they’ll see another big bump in searches and of course money.  There’s no doubt, Google is in a pretty darn good place right now in the mobile industry.

Source: Apple Insider