Yesterday as Ryan was pulling up a map of how to get to O’Hare Airport in Chicago for our upcoming trip, he happened to notice a “more” button up at the top of the page. He clicked on it and a menu appeared with the option to enable photos and/or Wikipedia. He turned to me surprised, and asked if that had always been there and he just hadn’t noticed or if it was new. As it turns out, it is in fact new and Google had just launched these features.

There’s no end in site to the features that Google can add to Google Maps. If you choose to enable photos, you’ll see various geo-tagged photos appear on the map, thanks to Panoramio, a service Google acquired last year. If there’s a Wikipedia article about a place on the map (a city, landmark, etc.), a “W” will appear. Clicking on it will pull up a snippet of the article right on the map, but you can also click “view full article” and then you’ll be taken to Wikipedia.

wikipedia - photos on google maps.png

Another feature that Google has made easier to access is real estate listings. Previously you could view these listings by clicking on “My Maps” and selecting to view the Real Estate Content, but now you just click “show search options” which is next to the search field at the top of the page. A drop-down menu appears and then you’ll be able to click on Real Estate. Other options you’ll find in the drop-down menu for searching include businesses, locations, user-created content, and mapped web pages.

When Google Maps first launched, I don’t think anyone ever imagined that so much information would be able to be accessed by one site. It’s now jam-packed with tons of features, and you know Google will only continue to add more.

Source: Google Operating System