Chrome google maps extension

Over the years I’ve come to rely on Google Maps quite a bit, and I’m always looking for ways I can quickly access everything it has to offer. That’s why I was pretty excited when I came across the slick Mini Maps extension for Google Chrome. The extension is designed to put a lot of the data offered by Google Maps just a click away in your browser.

As you can see in the screenshot above Mini Maps can automatically locate your position or you can choose to enter a location yourself. You’ll then be able to enter a name or type of place you are looking for. After that it will show you a list of matching results along the left side… all without leaving the popup window.

If you decide you want directions to a place all you have to do is click the appropriate links in the balloon that appears. When you do that the extension’s window will actually close and you’ll be taken to the Google Maps page. That is probably for the better since trying to get directions in such a small window would probably be painful.

Here is a brief list of some other features the developer highlights:

  • Look up any location in the world
  • Remembers 10 recent locations
  • Go to your current city through “locate icon” on top left
  • Find nearby places through the search box in the map
  • Do popular local searches through quick search links at the bottom
  • Get directions

I highly recommend trying out the Mini Maps Chrome extension if you are a regular use of Google Maps. It proves to be extremely useful for those times where you just want to lookup an address or phone number.

Mini Maps Chrome Extension