google terrain 3

Go to Google Maps and you’ll notice the addition of a Terrain Button which is in the location where the “Hybrid” button used to be. This new Terrain feature reminds me of what you’d see if you looked at a geographical map (versus a political map). The main difference between a geographical map and what Google’s Terrain feature offers is that in large cities like Chicago or New York, you’ll see outlines of buildings. In mountainous areas like Colorado and Utah, you can get an idea of the elevation of the mountains and the area around it which can be seen below:

google terrain


google terrain 2


Is this feature really going to be helpful to the general population? Probably not, but it is still interesting to take a look around the map while in Terrain mode. For those of you disappointed that the Hybrid button is no longer there, don’t worry. Google incorporated the hybrid feature into the satellite mode. Just click Satellite and then you’ll notice a checkbox appear which says “show labels.” If you check the box, the streets will be labeled just like they were in Hybrid mode.

Source: Google Blogoscoped