Google has decided that they want their users to help make Google Maps as accurate as possible and so they have bestowed upon them editing rights. Now any user who is logged in to their Google account will be able to edit a place on the map, including move the marker. At this point, only those living in the United States, Australia and New Zealand can make edits. To me, this is an open invitation for vandals to come and wreak havoc on the maps, but Google says they’ve taken steps to protect accuracy.

To make editing changes to the maps, just go to and search for any type of location whether it be a street name or a complete address. From there you’ll notice a new link that says “Add a place to the map.” Clicking that will bring you to the page where you can add a place, move a marker on the map, or edit details.

google maps edit

The editing details page looks like this:

edit map 2

As you enter the type of place that it is, a drop-down menu will appear with different examples of what you could enter. Read Write Web noticed that while you can enter in any information you’d like, that doesn’t mean Google will accept the changes. They tried to change the web address for a location to something totally unrelated and it wouldn’t allow the change. This must be part of what they’re doing to help protect accuracy.

Speaking of accuracy, Google says that you’ll always be able to see the original listing information. Additionally, users will be able to view the history of changes that were made. If something didn’t seem quite right, a quick look at the history could explain a lot. At this point we’re a little skeptical about how this is going to work, but if people don’t abuse the system and Google has enough checks and balances in place to prevent abuse, it could turn out to be a great tool.