Google Maps Mobile Shows You Traffic Congestion

Google Maps Mobile will now show you where traffic congestion is in 30 major US metropolitan areas. This could save some people a lot of time on their commute since they can just pull out their phone and see what kind of traffic awaits them.

Another new feature is the ability to save addresses and driving directions. This is especially important because some addresses take forever to enter in your phone and can get frustrating if you have to repeatedly put them in. If you have a Blackberry or something I am sure it wouldn’t be bad but those people with the traditional cellphones will surely appreciate this feature.

They have a fully interactive tour for anyone who wants to give it a whirl without downloading anything to their phone. Also, before you go and download it you should check out their list of compatible phones to make sure you aren’t going to be just wasting your time and to save yourself a lot of cussing :) .