If you own a BlackBerry 8110, 8120, or 8130, you can now use your device in a whole new way. Google has recently launched Google Maps with voice search that will work with the aforementioned devices. It’s an experimental thing, so if all goes well, they’ll probably expand the service and make it available for additional phones.

Now BlackBerry owners will be able to use their voice to search for locations or businesses on Google Maps. This means that people will no longer have to type out the business that they are looking for, and instead they can just speak what they are looking for and Google will perform the search.

google maps with voice.png

Google put together a tutorial including images, but we’ll quickly just list out the steps here:

  • Hold the left-side key on your BlackBerry
  • Say the business type that you’re looking for (Gas Station, Pizza, etc.)
  • Release the left-side key when you’re done saying the business type
  • Google will start searching the map for matches in your area

Of course the alternative to this if you don’t have one of the supported phones is to call GOOG-411 which we’ve used on several occasions and it’s actually pretty nice. If you own either the BlackBerry 8110, 8120, or 8130, give it a try and let us know what you think.