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We’ve been wondering when Google was going to get into the music game, and it appears as though they’re diving in head-first starting today. The only catch is that the service is only available in China. Users outside of China will need to use a China proxy if they want to gain access to the site.

Google’s Music search site, available at, has a database of tens of thousands of songs. All of them are of course searchable by song name, artist, or album. The most shocking part is that Google then provides links to listen or download songs from their music partner. Lyrics and ringtones are also available.

I checked out the content on, and it looks like they have a lot from North America. MP3 download links are directly available on their site without needing to go through Google, but I wasn’t able to successfully start a transfer of a song (the download just sat there without doing anything). They’re likely blocking downloads from outside of China… bummer.

I’m not holding my breath for something like this in the United States because there’s no way the RIAA would allow it. It’s just amazing that the songs are not only freely available for download, but they aren’t even DRM-infested.

[via Google Blogoscoped]