Google is really at it today since they just announced some new Google Calendar features. Now the Google Notebook is also getting some nice new things that make it even better.

Google Notebook The best new feature, in my opinion, is Google’s new Personalized Homepage module that allows you to manage your whole notebook. It is very similar to the IE and Firefox extension that they have available which is pretty obvious from the screenshot that you see here.

I love this feature so much because when I am on another computer I frequently think of something that I want to jot down real quick. However, I can never find a piece of paper and a pencil when I need it so I turn to the Web to take my notes. Now I just have to pull up my homepage and I can type my note in just a few seconds.

Google Notebook Collaborators Another feature that they added is the ability to let someone collaborate with certain notebooks of yours. This is not like making your notebook publicly viewable because this will actually let people edit the content of the notebook. A lot of the Google services seem to be getting this feature so it isn’t a surprise that they have added this.

Google Notebook Dragging The last two features are a trash bin and better drag ‘n drop support. The trash bin has been implemented for awhile now but they are finally getting around to announcing it. The new drag ‘n drop feature is pretty cool and allows you to easily visualize what you a dragging and where it is going.

I use Google Notebook all of the time and I couldn’t imagine not having it. These new features make it even more lovable and it is cool to see that they are still working on making their products better!